JUUL | FROST ARCHITECTS is an innovative and internationally orientated practice with expertise in urban, built and landscape architecture. Space for experiences, context mapping and respect for future users are common elements in all our projects. We use an investigative and analytic approach to gain full understanding of the task at hand. Dialogue-based planning is the instrument that insures complete solutions and creates a common frame of reference for all involved parties.

5 March 2009

A Modern Town with a Soul

Helle Juul spoke on urban attractivity, identity and life on Østdansk Turisme's conference. Read more


13 January 2009

Think Tank

The think tank's first meeting of the year. Read the agenda here [in Danish]


19 November 2008


Helle Juul was interviewed on Danish Radio P1 in relation to the release of the anthology "Byens Rum 1: Det fremmede i det kendte".


12 November 2008

4 x 4 + 1

Inspirational meeting and release of the anthology "Byens rum 1: Det fremmede i det kendte".


24-26 October 2008

European Cultural Parliament

Helle Juul attend the 7th annual ECP Session in Liverpool. The theme of this year's session was "Culture, Media and Democracy".

Download Helle Juul's presentation [9 MB]


25-26 September 2008

Case analysis: Amsterdam

Focus on Amsterdam Bijlmer ArenA Station and IJburg.


7-8 August 2008

Danish Tour

Visits to Aalborg, Struer, Holstebro and Haderslev.


4 June 2008

Inspirational meeting #2:

Cultural heritage vs urban change.


29 April 2008

Inspirational meeting #1:

Virtual and temporary spaces.


3-5 April 2008

Case analysis: Dublin

Focus on Smithfield and Dublin Docklands.


23 January 2008

Seminar #1:

The unknown within the known - towards a new strategy for urban spaces.




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