JUUL | FROST ARCHITECTS is an innovative and internationally orientated practice with expertise in urban, built and landscape architecture. Space for experiences, context mapping and respect for future users are common elements in all our projects. We use an investigative and analytic approach to gain full understanding of the task at hand. Dialogue-based planning is the instrument that insures complete solutions and creates a common frame of reference for all involved parties.

February 2012
Public Space released as printed book.
Public Space is now available as a printed book. The book can be purchased in a physical edition by contacting The Architectural Publisher B by mail: gilberthansen (at) b-arki.dk. Read the press release here.

February 2011
Public Space as digital download
"Public Space – The Familiar into the Strange" is an architectural screenplay for people interested in and working with the development of our public spaces and our cities. Throughout the book we move from thoughts over case studies to action - a journey that results in the development of five different development strategies urban planners and developers can pursue. Download Public Space.


Research and presentation of central discussions of urbanity and architecture are the main tasks of research+communication.

The department explores new and current discussions and is responsible for internal knowledge sharing and communication of the office.

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